«Words Through the Computer»
(1994 Cultural stage KETHEA DIAVASI, Athens)

Haridina Karaindrou - Art Historian

Heleni Polichronatou composes words and thoughts visually through the use of acrylic colours, sheet, irons, neon and metals, presenting a poetic, symbolic work of intense humanistic character.

Delicate compositions pulping of inner energy and harmonious linear forms reveal, that Man is the Measure of All Things, not out of his size or position in space but of his lifting posture in the World, which having the iconographical force of a player expresses the intuitive necessity for unification with Divine. Drawn with the wisdom of few lines, Polichronatou΄s Man is a spiritual lamina, laden with Intimations of Immortality΄s who is set free from the moment he starts fighting against the Law of Gravity. His head looking up at the Infinite with the power of Reason, the torso stretched like a bow expressing the need for Motion and Creation, the legs firmly on the ground with the power of Will.

Even in non – objective compositions human traces become Obvious through the symbols of Nature and human creativity : trees, birds, fish, houses, stars, mountains, towns. The lines are simple, schematic with a dynamic, arched Movement, which rejects corruption and intensifies the peaceful, spiritual character of the work, the animistic aspect of nature, the pursuit of Knowledge and Virtue. The philosophical, humanistic vision of the artist, the Belief in the power of virtue is depicted through the use of ink on a white background, watercolours and acrylics on canvas. Here, the earthly energy of Red lives, in harmony with the cosmic, mystic idealism of Blue and the revealing, redeeming nature of Yellow.

In other compositions, planes of sheet- irons, carved by laser, form trees, birds and human figures transfixed and kept warm by a hidden light. In three dimensions the metal is transformed into taut iron rods like totems, on which the artistic symbols of the words climb higher and higher whereas their base is often carved in order to release the Light of the World.

The Written contemplative thoughts which accompany the paintings and her other creations function as an optimistic, poetic Libation to the Human Being, as a wish for harmony between Theory and Action, Spirit and Matter as well as a reminder that the essence of Man is nothing more than the shape he gives to his existence.