«Words in Three Dimensions»
(1997, Painting & Sculpture, Association of Sculptors of Greece, Athens)

....Paintings with clear colours, painting creations with electric light and metal or wire constructions convey to the beholder, visually the artist's Feeling.

The works of Polichronatou, anthropocentric creations with faces like cartoons, and a particularly delicate aesthetic, transcend space and time, as a immediacy of communication imbues the artist's personal visual code of symbols – words.

The letters become symbols which pass beyond the watertight compartments of a specific alphabet and become universal, pan-human, inter- cultural, for all ages. Simple lines, like details of a naïf picture, reflect electric light or daylight, creating dream – like, poetic hallucinations.

«The Personal is also the Substantive as it leads us on the road to Inner Truth and illumination » it is anyway Polichronatou's point of view.