«Painting with Words»
(1996, EPASKT, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens)

«Painting As Any Kind of the Poetry Participates in The Divine»
Marc Chagal, Marina Pisperi - Art Historian

In the Artwork of Heleni Polichronatou her love for the human dimension erases the limits between the dream and reality and carries away the viewer in a magical but real world.

The artist is inspired by phrases and philosophical contemplations, which after being experienced they are transformed into colour, material and light.

The letters of the alphabet are expressed by a personal code of symbols, the words are drawn and a universe of thin symbols vibrates on the threshold of the specific and the abstract.

The simplicity and the poetry of the line as well as the harmonious symphony of the shapes create a musical relation among the forms.

The progressively obvious clarity of the compositions in which prevails the immediate contact and the simplicity of the means of expression reveals a first in importance belief of the creator : That the personal is the most essential as it leads us to way of the internal truth and enlightenment.