Research Activity

  • (1999- 2015) I have been involved for several years with Art and Space themes, "Art and Environment - Art in Architecture and Public Space, Environmental - Ecological and Social Art".
  • (2000 to 2007). I elaborated on the Doctoral Thesis, Major Works of Art in Urban and Natural Area. From the 60s to the 21st Century (First Thesis of AΣΚΤ theoretical part) for movements and projects after 1960, to which my research focused on the use of the large scale used by artists of our times, which aims to greater social range of artwork and opens up promising prospects for their effective integration in contemporary society. Through research, the numerous artists who concerned me,are presented to follow a common path: to act with sensitivity, and often in an activistic way, to the problems of environmental degradation and social alienation, trying through the large scale of the works to modify the same the living space, highlight the poetic side and create opportunities for new spatiotemporal experience so as man to reassess its presence and capabilities in it.
  • (2014-15) In cooperation with the Association of Physicists (EEF) I organized, supervised and taught a Research (60 hours duration) Science and Art Program entitled "Environmental Art - Theory and Application" and Workshop "Kifissos River in our town: a challenge for dialogue between Science and Art. " The implemented projects Research / Laboratory Program "Kifissos river of our city: a challenge for dialogue between Science and Art" presented under my editing in cooperation with E.E.F. in the following Competitions
    a. 2nd Athens Science Festival. Science and Innovation Festival with main theme "Science and Technology - from Research to Application", Technopolis, Athens, March 2015.
    b. Symposium ΕΕΦ Harokopio University with a central theme: "Science and Art - The decoding of their relationship by creating" Harokopion University, Athens, April 2015.
  • (2011)Δίδαξα στο Workshop EcoWeek 2011…habits change..climate change. Urban Communities + Green Architecture, Τεχνόπολη, Αθήνα. Διεθνές Συνέδριο και Εργαστήρια Αειφόρου Σχεδιασμού της Διεθνούς Διάσκεψης EcoWeek. Ο τίτλος του Workshop ήταν “Pezopolis”, που μεταφράζεται μια πόλη των πεζών! Ο στόχος αυτού του εργαστηρίου ήταν ο σχεδιασμός «πράσινων » παρεμβάσεων για την πόλη της Αθήνας, που θα προωθεί το μήνυμα των βιώσιμων πόλεων και ο σχεδιασμός των αστικών παρεμβάσεων, οι οποίες βελτιώνουν και ενισχύουν την εμπειρία των πεζών σε μια πόλη. Συμμετείχα ως μέλος της τριμελούς καλλιτεχνικής ομάδας «Artreeteam» με αντικείμενο την περιβαλλοντική τέχνη, την οικολογία και την περιβαλλοντική εκπαίδευση μαζί με την Δρ. Πάνη Σταθοπούλου, Γλύπτρια Υπαίθρου και την Λουΐζα Σταθοπούλου Βιομηχανική Σχεδιάστρια.
  • (2011) I taught in the Workshop EcoWeek 2011 ... habits change..climate change. Urban Communities + Green Architecture, Technopolis, Athens. International Conference and Sustainable Design Laboratories International Diaskepsis EcoWeek. The title of the Workshop was "Pezopolis", which translates into a city of pedestrians! The objective of this workshop was to design "green" interventions for the city of Athens, which promotes the message of sustainable cities and urban design interventions that improve and enhance the experience of pedestrians in a city. I participated as a member of the three-member art group «Artreeteam» concerning the environmental art, ecology and environmental education together with Dr. Pani Stathopoulou Rural Sculptor and Louisa Stathopoulou Industrial Designer.
  • (2004) I participated in the Workshop Cultures Solidaires, organized by the FAM Network Fine Arts School of Casablanca with 55 artists from 18 countries,we worked together for the harmonious coexistence of peoples issues through art based on the Culture of Peace program.The projects were created under the responsibility or Moroccan Culture Ministry presented in major cities of the country and then to the country's embassies abroad. The participating countries were Algeria, Egypt, Bosnia, France, Greece, Spain, Italy, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Croatia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Palestine, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco
  • (2002-2003) I participated in the annual, Research, Pilot, Inter, Community Program "Communication -Art» To plan and design an initiative of UNESCO and the FAM network with funding from the program «Culture 2000». Held in Greece (Rhodes, September 2002), France (Deux-Sevres, January 2003) and Italy (Florence, April 2003) .The aim of the project was to investigate the communication potential of artists in order to elicit new horizons in educational and general pedagogical methods through culture for Peace, to be used both as pedagogical tools by young people and schools moreover,as means of education and communication for the general public. The group consisted of 15 European artists, visual artists, theater actors, choreographers, composers and writers
  • (1999) I participated in the International Art Meeting on "The Future Park", which was held for the Westergasfabriek gas factory in Amsterdam. That International Meeting investigated how former industrial sites transformed into artistic parks and inactive factories were formed in green and art zones. The International Meeting had 750 entries by young artists from 40 art University schools of the AIAS international organization, from America, Asia and almost all of Europe. This event was organized by the Academy Gerrit Rielveld (on the occasion of its 75 birthday), which was built on the basis of the principles of BAUHAOUS movement. The Westergasfabriek gas factory in Amsterdam, which since the early 1990s began to accommodate cultural activities, despite the management problems that arose because of the many factors involved (municipality, departmental council, friends club, real estate companies, cultural businesses) the project was successful because it combines cultural venues, artists and an urban green space without losing historic features of previous industrial use. Soon the place acquired cultural uses, such as cultural space, cinema, restaurant, cafe and while the works for planting and regeneration of the area continued yielding a large public green space and art environment in the neighborhood