«Image Syllables»
(2010, Cultural stage Multiplex Apollon, Peraeus)

2010 Lecture. Inauguration of a retrospective exhibition "Image syllables in space" Yiannis Michas, Governor of Piraeus - July 4th 2010, Multiplex Apollon

Visual art, that is art that from scratch transforms raw material has its own alphabet, its own vocabulary, its own light emitting language and script. It is therefore at times better not to interpret it in words. To allow your sense of vision speak for it, to guide you through its stories, and to introduce you to its creator. This evening is such a moment where we have the great pleasure and honor to welcome in our common cultural home, here, in Multiplex Apollon of the Prefecture of Piraeus, Heleni Polichronatou, this charismatic and highly productive artist who with a flair for design and a distinctive philosophical disposition transforms texts, words and symbols creating, with the use of these materials, visual poems of the highest aesthetics. So tonight, inaugurating her thematic artistic testimony "Image Syllables in Space" witnessing her innovative and full of vitality compositions, I have nothing more to add than to thank her from my heart for this colorful universe which she presents to us like a fairy tale from the future. I truly thank you, Heleni Polichronatou! Your art is truly unique and deservingly places you amongst the exceptional contemporary creations. But most of all I would like to thank you, as Governor and as artist myself, for the personal efforts that you exalt in giving both the delicate visual word as well as your tutoring at the Athens School of Fine Arts, in such a way contributing voluntarily or involuntarily in the awakening of the individual or collective aesthetic consciousness. In today's pulp of frivolous culture and crisis, it is very important as well as hopeful that such artists, as you Heleni, exist, who create culture with a flame and strength allowing us to see beyond words and through them, to delve in emotion and comprehension, to search and replenish from the precious values of life. Concluding my welcome, I would like to bestow on you the wish that you tirelessly continue to work saturating our sight and soul with the aesthetics and quality of your work and once more to warmly thank you for your visual presentation at the Multiplex Apollon. Together with you I would like to thank all of you who are present tonight with us, on this wonderful summer evening, seeking the essence, the depth of matter, the authenticity and redemption of truth which only art, in all its forms, can offer.

Thank you.
Yiannis Michas