«Landscapes of Thought»
(2006 EPASKT Athens School of Fine Arts Αthens )

Heleni Polichronatou, whose very extensive drawing, painting and environmental work has as its axis the emphatic demonstration of the relationship of the word and the image or the meaning of the image and its symbol – in the end, the meaning of the object and its image.

Taken as whole, this work is of interest in that it lays claim to the establishment of terns under which the transposition will occur, moving from the language itself as the iconographic function par excellence (of the function that carries images along with it )toward the image as a function whish itself establishes this meaning ( the language) of its images : this establishment is done by means of associations, but it takes place in the painting of Policronatou by means of the compinatory function in line with which the positions and the correlations of the positions among the themselves and the combinations of the elements of the image, come to constitute the syntax of the language which is formulated and the interpretation of the symbols (the relationships ) which establish these positions.

Proffessor Emmanuel Mavrommatis